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Welcome to our March Newsletter,

The Campaign is starting its 16th year in support of fighting for safe educational spaces across the country – thank you for supporting the work!

There is much happening in several states where we are working and we encourage you to check out the State and Federal Action Center.

Action is needed in 6 states regarding guns on campus, At this writing we are battling dangerous bills to campus safety in Wyoming and Arizona. The WY bill is heading to the Governor and the same will be true in AZ.  We are also tracking other campus bills in Iowa and Kentucky. However, there is good news to report in 2 states (CO, WI) where efforts to repeal guns on campus laws are moving. Read on, then raise your voice for campus safety today.

Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, we continue urging Congress to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines and to pass a national safe firearm storage law.

We also have sad news out of Colorado where two students were killed in their on campus residence at U Colorado – Colorado Springs. See below how Coloradans can honor those shot with action that will help make students and faculty safer.

Please take a moment to visit the State and Federal Action Center below and take action.

Finally, this work is largely dependent on support from individuals like you.  Approximately 50% of our income is derived from private foundations and another 50% from generous supporters, like you.

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Thanks for all you do,

Andy Pelosi, Executive Director/Co-Founder
The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus

Updates From The States

Photo: Wyoming State Capitol by Posdlf, CC BY SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Wyoming – VETO Campaign

Late Monday night the Senate Judiciary met to discuss HB 125, a bill that would have taken local control away from K-12 school boards, forced guns on campus and in government buildings. The Campaign, along with many others, testified in opposition and the committee voted 3-2 not to advance the bill. We all were elated only to find out Tuesday afternoon that the bill was being brought to the floor and on Thursday the Senate passed HB 125. The bill is heading to the Governor. Read what happened.

Action Step – VETO Campaign.  Call
1 (877) 207-7101 tell Gov. Gordon to VETO HB 125


Legislation has already passed the Iowa House that would allow people with valid permits to carry guns on school property (not inside buildings). It also allows schools to “authorize” a person to carry a firearm and ammunition in a school building. 

Even further, the bill prohibits the Iowa Regents, as well as the state’s public colleges/universities from barring anyone from having loaded, handguns in locked vehicles on campus.

Tell the Iowa Senate Judiciary Chair to oppose guns on campus and in K-12 schools today.


Good News!
Legislation has been introduced in the Senate that would repeal parts of current law by severely limiting where people could carry handguns openly and concealed. This bill would include Colorado’s public colleges and universities.

Tell the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee to SUPPORT SB 24-131


The Arizona Senate has already passed SB 1198 – legislation to force guns on campus.  The House is poised to pass the bill and send it to Governor Hobbs (who vetoed the bill last year).

SB 1198 will change current AZ law that allows schools to prohibit firearms on campus.

Tell the Arizona House to Oppose guns on campus today.


Legislation has been introduced in both houses that would allow more people (with a license) to carry concealed handguns in areas that include educational spaces (including K-12), nearly anywhere on a Kentucky college campus, some areas of local government buildings, and even certain areas of airports that are currently controlled by the Federal TSA.

Tell the Kentucky Legislature to oppose guns on campus today.


More Good News!
Legislation has been introduced in both Houses to REPEAL Wisconsin’s 2011 law allowing guns on public and private campuses.

The Campaign is proud to have worked with legislators in crafting this legislation.

While the odds for passage this year are small, it is important for this legislation to gain support.

Tell the Wisconsin Legislature to SUPPORT S 982 /  A 1020

Federal Update

Congress must take action to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

We will lose less children and have less guns being brought to our schools when Ethan’s Law is passed, requiring the safe storage of firearms wherever kids are present. This bill will turn the best practices of responsible firearm ownership into the law of the land.

Tell your Senators and your Congresspersons, this is the time for action. Pass these bills today.

Pictured above left is the Ruger SFAR – the same model assault rifle used in the Lewiston, ME shooting – Courtesy of the Violence Policy Center.

Two Students Killed In Dorm at U Colorado – Colorado Springs

Photo: Dan Boyce/CPR News

The Campaign mourns the two students shot and killed in their own campus residence by a fellow student. We are shocked and saddened that guns have reached into what should be a safe place for a student to live, learn and grow. Coloradans can honor them with action by telling their State Senators to support SB 24-131, proposed legislation that would strictly limit who can carry loaded, concealed handguns in many public places, including on campuses in CO.

Click here to make your voice heard today. 

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