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Welcome to our May Newsletter,

As The Campaign marches through our 16th year fighting for safe educational spaces, we have seen the ups and downs in nearly 30 states where guns on campus bills have been introduced, partially moved, died, defeated, or some instances, became law.  To that end, we have some very good news to share in this newsletter. It appears that Colorado is on the cusp of changing state law and will forbid guns on campus (and other places).  In addition, legislation is moving in Delaware that will also prohibit guns on campus.  

The Campaign is still assisting other advocates on the ground in Arizona (bill passed the Senate and is pending in the House) to stop the guns on campus bill, which will most likely need Governor Hobbs’ veto, again.  Please visit the State Action Center below to learn more and raise your voices in these states.

On the federal side, we continue to support efforts for a ban on military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines and for passage of a national safe firearm storage law.  Assault weapons are the weapon of choice for mass shootings, while the majority of guns used in school shootings are taken from the home.

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and we are very grateful to the vital work that our teachers do for young people across the country.  Let’s arm teachers with books and supplies – not firearms.

Our friends at Armed With Reason did a nice profile on our Development and Communications director, Dan Rigney.  Please check it out below.

If you missed our social media posts, check out our acknowledgments of Kent State, Jackson State and Teacher Appreciation Week below.

Finally, as I nearly always mention, our work is largely dependent upon support from individuals like you and here are two ways to give, please click here to make a tax-deductible gift to The Campaign today.  Or, if you participate in a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), you can also support The Campaign – see the link at the end of the newsletter.

Thanks for all you do,

Andy Pelosi, Executive Director/Co-Founder
The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus

Updates From The States

Colorado on Cusp of Prohibiting Guns On Campus!

Legislation has now passed both houses that would repeal parts of current law by severely limiting where people could carry handguns openly and concealed. This bill would include Colorado’s public colleges and universities, as well as election centers, the state capitol, local government offices, and pre-schools.

Click here:  Tell Governor Polis to sign SB 24-131 into law!


The Arizona Senate has already passed SB 1198 – legislation to force guns on campus.  The House will vote on this bill any day now.

SB 1198 will change current AZ law that allows schools to prohibit firearms on campus. Loaded, concealed handguns could be carried nearly anywhere on campus.

Click here: Tell the Arizona House to oppose guns on campus today.


HB 311 is heading to the House floor and it will prohibit the carrying of loaded, concealed handguns by non-law enforcement individuals in Delaware’s K-12 schools, vocational schools, along with private and public college and university campuses (with certain exceptions).

Passing this legislation will send a strong message that our educational institutions should be havens for learning.

Click here: Tell the Delaware House to Support HB-311

Federal Update

Congress must take action to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

We will lose less children and have less guns being brought to our schools when Ethan’s Law is passed, requiring the safe storage of firearms wherever kids are present. This bill will turn the best practices of responsible firearm ownership into the law of the land. 

Tell your Members of Congress that this is the time for action. Pass these bills today.

The Campaign Makes Headlines

Our good friends at the Armed With Reason substack did a nice rundown of articles for Teacher Appreciation Week including rerunning their piece with The Campaign’s staffer Dan Rigney. Check it out here.  (Staff pictured l-r: Andy Pelosi, Dan Rigney & Naomi Eyassu)

May Recognitions

In May, we remembered two American tragedies:

And, we honored the work of our teachers who are on the front lines of the guns in schools issue.

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