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Hello and Welcome to our February Newsletter:

The Campaign is embarking on its 16th year in support of safe educational spaces nationwide. We remain grateful to all of you – old and new – for your steadfast support.

In this month’s issue you can read and take action on federal safe gun storage and assault
weapons ban legislation. If you live in Arizona, Iowa, or Kentucky, please take action opposing guns on campus.

You can also read about the latest Executive Actions from the White House on federal safe gun storage and listen to a brief podcast where I appeared with the good folks at Armed with Reason, where we discussed how The Campaign started and where we are headed.

In staff news, we are so pleased to announce that two new interns have joined The Campaign: Brady Roland and Lexi Harman. Please take a moment to read about Brady and Lexi below.

Next week – February 14th – please look for our remembrance posts honoring those lives lost at Northern Illinois University and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Breaking news in Michigan as we put this newsletter to bed. The mother of the Oxford High School shooter has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter. The decision certainly signals that parents, guardians, etc., could be held responsible in cases where a young person obtains a firearm and it was foreseeable that harm would result.

Finally, this work does not happen without you. Please consider becoming a donor to The

Thanks for all you do.

Andy Pelosi, Executive Director/Co-Founder

Federal Updates

On January 25th, The White House issued a set of Executive Orders encouraging the safe storage for firearms wherever children are present.

While The Campaign applauds the efforts of The President, in association with the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, we continue to urge Congress to Ban Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines and to pass Ethan’s Law for Safe Gun Storage.

Check out the DOJ’s Safe Storage Guide here.

Updates from the States


Legislation has already passed the Iowa House that would allow people with valid permits to carry guns on school property (not inside buildings). It also allows schools to “authorize” a person to carry a firearm and ammunition in a school building.

Even further, the bill prohibits the Iowa Regents, as well as the state’s public colleges/universities from barring anyone from having loaded, handguns in locked vehicles on campus.

Tell the Iowa Senate Judiciary Chair to oppose guns on campus and in K-12 schools today.


This bill was vetoed last year and is back. SB 1189 is in Senate Judiciary and will change current AZ law that allows schools to prohibit firearms on campus. Loaded, concealed handguns could be carried nearly anywhere on campus.

Tell the Arizona State Senate to oppose guns on campus today.


Legislation has been introduced in both houses that would allow more people (with a license) to carry concealed handguns in areas that include educational spaces (including K-12), nearly anywhere on a Kentucky college campus, some areas of local government buildings, and even certain areas of airports that are currently controlled by the Federal TSA.

Tell the Kentucky Legislature to oppose guns on campus today.

Michigan Mom Guilty of Manslaughter in Oxford HS Shooting – NYT

As we were in final production for this monthly newsletter, the NY Times broke the story that the mother of the 15 year old shooter who purchased the handgun for her underaged son who used it to kill 4 students in the 2021 Oxford High School shooting was found guilty on all counts of involuntary manslaughter. We applaud the jury’s recognition of the parent’s responsibility in this case.

New Faces at The Campaign – Meet This Year’s Interns

Lexi Harman

Hi, My name is Lexi Harman, a sophomore at the University of Maryland. I am majoring in public policy focusing on social justice issues, particularly gun reform. I am actively engaged in campus organizations that share my passion such as Terps Demand Action and Ignites, a women’s leadership group. I’m particularly enthusiastic about my involvement with The Campaign To Keep Guns off Campus, as gun reform is a cause close to my heart. As a college student, advocating for campus safety is not just a passion but a direct way I can contribute to the well-being of my university and others.

Brady Roland

My name is Brady Roland and I am originally from Colorado. I became involved in gun violence prevention in 2018. After the 2022 Uvalde shooting I organized the 2022 Denver March For Our Lives rally.

After the rally, I founded a chapter of Team ENOUGH in Denver. Through the chapter, I planned an art show displaying the impacts of gun violence and helped efforts to pass GVP legislation in 2023. I am currently a Freshman at Portland State University studying community development and am a senator on PSU’s student council as well as a member of the Oregon Student Association’s Council of Legislative Advocates. Alongside being an intern for KGOC I currently serve on the Board of Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation and am a 2024 Giffords Courage Fellow.

Andy Pelosi Interviewed for the Armed With Reason Podcast

We are grateful to GVPedia founder Devin Hughes and Executive Director Caitlin Clarkson Pereira for sitting down with The Campaign’s Executive Director, Andy Pelosi, for a conversation on their Armed With Reason podcast about our organization and the landscape of access to firearms across college campuses in this country.

Click here to listen in to this episode of GVPedia’s Armed With Reason podcast.

The Campaign Can’t Do What We Do Without Your Help

Whether we are advocating in person or online, keeping up with all the emerging fights to stop guns on campus requires resources.

Progress is being made in several states, but more challenges are coming.

Your support is critical. With your help, The Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus will always be prepared for whatever the gun lobby throws at us.

Make your gift to The Campaign today. Thank you!




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