BillHB 199
DescriptionThe Board of Regents may not enact or enforce a policy regulating the possession, ownership, use, carrying, registration, storage, or transportation of firearms.
StatusHouse Judicidary
DescriptionWould allow guns on public and private campuses
StatusPassed Senate Judiciary 11/20/22
DescriptionBoard of Regents cannot prohibit faculty or students with concealed carry permits from carry firearm on public campuses.
DescriptionRemoves provision prohibiting concealed carry licensees from openly carrying handgun or carrying concealed weapon or firearm into college or university facility.
StatusIn committee
DescriptionAuthorizes those with proper endorsements or permits to carry concealed firearms on the premises of public institutions of higher education.
StatusIntroduced 1/6/22
New Hampshire
BillHB 307
DescriptionExpands NH's already-expansive firearm preemption law to prevent any regulation of firearms, ammunition, and knives in municipal, school district, and public college and university buildings and property, including the discharge of firearms on municipal property or on school grounds
StatusPassed Both Houses, House to consider Senate amendments
BillSB 733
DescriptionPermits any person with a valid handgun license to carry a firearm into or upon any public college, public university or public technology center school property, or building in which the person is authorized to be.
StatusIn Public Safety Committee
DescriptionAny person in possession of a valid handgun license shall be authorized to carry a concealed handgun into or upon any public college, public university, or public technology center school property or building
StatusIntroduced 1/18/22
West Virginia
DescriptionThe purpose of this bill is to permit the carrying of concealed weapons on the campus of a state institution of higher education by individuals who have been issued state licenses to carry concealed deadly weapons pursuant to WV law
StatusPending in Education
BillSB 87
DescriptionDenies institutions of higher education the authority to restrict or regulate the carrying of a concealed deadly weapon by a person who holds a current license to carry a concealed deadly weapon;
StatusPending in Judiciary