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Hello and welcome to our April Newsletter:

Much has transpired since our last issue, including: 1) a number of positive policy developments in the area of guns on college campuses, 2) a major setback for public safety in Florida, and 3) a tragic school shooting in Nashville and suppression of free speech. 

On the campus front, we are very pleased to report that guns on campus legislation either died or was defeated in: Idaho, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wyoming (we are waiting for an anticipated veto in Arizona).  See the action center below for details.

After working in coalition with our Florida colleagues for over a year, permitless carry (eliminating the need for a permit and training to carry a concealed handgun) was signed by Governor DeSantis. Florida now joins 25 other states that also have this danger to public safety on the books. On March 16th, The Campaign joined other allies for a protest in St. Petersburg and you can read more about it below.

On March 27th, 3 young students and 3 staff members were killed by an assailant wielding assault weapons and a handgun at the Covenant School in Nashville, TN. The Campaign and other groups continue to call on Congress to pass the Federal Assault Weapons Ban and our members have heeded the call. You can take action below in the Federal section. The Campaign is also supporting students and teachers in walkout actions in different states.

In connection with the Covenant School shooting, we must uplift the actions of three brave Tennessee State Legislators (Reps. Justin Pearson, Gloria Johnson and Justin Jones) who spoke truth to power at great risk to themselves by calling for gun reform on the floor of the Capitol.  We must also call out the Leadership and those voting to expel Reps. Pearson and Jones as a blatant act of racism and suppression of free speech.  Did these representatives break with protocol?  Yes.  Did this break deserve expulsion? No. The Tennessee Legislature is not concerned about gun reform, they only wish to arm teachers and harden schools, without seeking real change to the state’s gun laws.  More on this to come.

Later this month we will mark 24 years since Columbine and 16 years since Virginia Tech. Look for our posts in the middle of the month.

Finally, please consider making a Spring donation in support of The Campaign.  This work does not happen without you.

Thanks for all you do!

Andy Pelosi, Executive Director/Co-Founder

Honoring Those Lost in Nashville, TN

Federal Action Center

1) Pass The Federal Assault Weapons Ban

The Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus is heartbroken that six more names – three young students and three caring school professionals – have been added to the long list of US citizens shot and killed with an assault weapon in a school shooting.

The Washington Post reports 152 rounds were fired by this single shooter in the less than 15 minutes before law enforcement ended this horror.

The Campaign honors their names with action as we urge Congress to pass the assault weapons ban now

2) Pass Ethan’s Law Requiring Safe Storage of Firearms

Ethan’s Law requires all firearms and ammunition to be safely stored away whenever children are present – in the home or in the workplace.  

Keep all children safe. Tell Congress to pass Ethan’s Law now. 

Updates From The States

Florida – Advocates Gather to Fight Deadly Permitless Carry

The Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus along with our coalition partners: Prevent Gun Violence Florida, Change The Ref, Newtown Action Alliance, Ban Assault Weapons Now, Brady United Against Gun Violence-Sarasota, League of Women Voters of the St. Petersburg Area, Equality Florida, and the Honor with Action Coalition stood together on March 16th in St. Pete to voice our collective opposition to Florida’s deadly permitless carry legislation which has since been signed into law by Governor DeSantis.

The Campaign condemns this new law that will only endanger the public safety for Floridians.

Click here to learn more and view the event’s terrific media coverage. 








Bill to allow guns on campus has passed the legislature.  Please message Gov. Hobbs to veto the bill.

Click to Take Action



New York

(S.1407) will change current state law, which prohibits guns on New York’s public colleges and universities. 

Click here to send a message to your New York State Senator.

Our Campaigners Sustain The Campaign

The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus is already hard at work in EIGHT states plus Congress and it’s only April.

As vitally important as our work is to the safety of students and faculty across this country, we cannot do it without your help. 

Please consider becoming a “Campaigner” today. Campaigners are just like you – they care deeply about keeping our K-12 schools, colleges and universities safe from policies that would flood their institutions with firearms. 

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Thank you for all you do for The Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus.    Andy Pelosi

Women’s History Month

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