The Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus along with our coalition partners: Prevent Gun Violence Florida, Change The Ref, Newtown Action Alliance, Ban Assault Weapons Now, Brady United Against Gun Violence-Sarasota, League of Women Voters of the St. Petersburg Area, and Honor with Action Coalition stood together on March 16 to to voice our collective opposition to deadly permitless carry legislation now on the floor ready for voting at the State House.

If you have not already, click here to voice your opposition to this dangerous legislation by reaching out to your representatives today.

We received terrific coverage from the Tampa/St. Pete area media. Here are some images and links to the new stories:

We thank everyone who attended for raising your voices as well as to you our Florida members for doing all you can to say no to Permitless carry in Florida.

Thank you for all you do.

Andy Pelosi, Executive Director
The Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus