February 2021 Newsletter

A Word From The Executive Director

The Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus is embarking on different ways to stay in touch with and keep our members better informed about our work, how you can assist and what’s on the horizon. Please take a moment to read our Newsletter and learn more about what’s happening with The Campaign all across the country.

This month we are talking about guns on campus in Florida, Montana, New Hampshire, Missouri & West Virginia and our voter participation and safe gun storage work in rural Georgia. We are also celebrating Black History Month by featuring powerful voices and organizations who push us to realize that the past holds the key to dismantling the entrenched racism of today.  Given the hardships being faced by many Texans after the devastating storm we have also included a way to help folks out below.

We have recently relaunched our newly designed website: KeepGunsOffCampus.org Check out the site to learn more about our work and how you can be a part of the solution in your own state.

Finally, as you know, The Campaign does not exist without your continued support. We cannot thank you enough for your past generosity.  2021 is shaping up to be a very busy year, so we are grateful for anything you can do. Please follow and share our actions, and consider going the next mile with us by making a sustaining gift of support.

Thanks for all you do.

Andy Pelosi
Executive Director


The Campaign Celebrates Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, The Campaign is featuring individuals and organizations that inspire us all into action. Check out our social media channels below to see the images in full. Many thanks to our graphic designer Kahlil Slader for his terrific work on this campaign.

State-specific Campaign Facebook pages for Florida, Georgia, Ohio & FSU

Instagram: @KeepGunsOffCampus Twitter: @KeepGunsOffCamp


The New Administration

The Campaign is excited to have new leadership in Washington, DC. President Biden and Vice President Harris understand that the country is plagued by the scourge of gun violence with nearly 40,000 people being killed every year. Our hope is that the administration will support and shepherd, gun violence reduction strategies that will have meaningful results for the different communities impacted by gun deaths and injuries.  That said, we also do not want to lose site of the fact that in many states across the country, legislatures and Governors are working to weaken gun laws in the name of “God-given” and “second amendment rights” – all at the expense of public safety. Click here to read their Feb. 14 statement memorializing the 3rd anniversary of the Parkland shooting.

Our Work Continues In The States

New HampshireHB 307 – A bill that would pre-empt schools, colleges/universities and all municipalities from enacting gun laws is beginning to move in the NH House. The Campaign is part of a broad coalition headed by GunSenseNH. Our main concern is that if this bill is signed it would negatively impact NH’s colleges and universities, as well as K-12 public schools because loaded, concealed handguns will be permitted. New Hampshire residents, click here to take action today!
MontanaHB 102 (Signed)– A bill to force loaded, concealed handguns on campus (as well in banks and bars/restaurants) has unfortunately been signed into law. The Campaign is grateful to the coalition of students, social justice, and other gun control groups in who worked in opposition to HB102. Montana residents – thank you so much for your emails and calls. We will keep you posted if HB 102 makes its way into the courts.
West Virginia SB 246 – On Feb 12th, the West Virginia State Senate reintroduced legislation to force the public colleges and universities to allow students (18+), faculty and visitors to carry loaded, concealed handguns on many parts of campus (with exceptions). Unlike 2019, when The Campaign and a broad coalition successfully fought a similar bill, this new version, SB 246, provides a number of carve outs and exceptions as to where guns could be carried. We are now working with fellow coalition members to fight this bill before the legislature adjourns in March.

Florida – HB 6001 Legislation has been re-introduced in the House that would force Florida’s public colleges and universities from prohibiting loaded, concealed handguns on campus. This bill has been around for several years with The Campaign working in coalition with other groups to successfully oppose. (Currently, colleges and universities must allow people with concealed weapons’ permits to store their guns in locked cars in campus parking lots).

Missouri – A state appeals court has reversed a 2019 ruling about guns on Missouri’s campuses. The ruling now allows employees to bring guns on campus but the weapons must stay in their vehicles and hidden from sight.  Click here for the full story.

More Groundbreaking Work In Georgia

With the 2021 Georgia Senate runoff behind us, we are looking ahead to local elections this fall for the offices directly impacting the everyday lives of our community. Campaign-trained students are now hard at work at educating their communities, both on and off campus, about the importance of voter participation in their local elections.

Our work in rural GA communities to promote the safe storage of guns, especially in homes where at-risk children and/or adults are present, will expand this summer to include virtual trainings offered free of charge. Subjects will include how keeping guns locked & stored saves lives along with the demonstration of simple, cost effective safe storage solutions.

Finally, we are pleased the Georgia Senate is considering SB 146, which would make it a misdemeanor for adults (18+) who have made a firearm accessible to a child, as well as requiring firearms dealers to post warning signage. The Campaign will keep you posted on the bill’s progress and how you can advocate for its passage.

For Our Friends In Texas
The Campaign began our work in March 2009 in Texas helping students at UT Austin plan a rally at the Capitol against guns on campus legislation that would be held two years after the Virginia Tech Massacre (April 16, 2009). Ensuing campaigns followed and our connection to the state remained strong.  Given the recent winter storm that has pummeled Texas, creating hardship for so many people across the state, we are asking Campaign members to join us in helping Texans with food and water.  Please consider making a donation to Feeding Texas. We thank you.


In February, we honor the victims & survivors of these two tragedies that happened on the same date – 10 years apart.


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