The Michigan State Senate Judiciary Committee approved SB 442 by a vote of 4-1 on Oct 13th.  This bill could be voted on by the full Senate at anytime.

If enacted, SB 442 will allow the carrying of loaded,concealed handguns in ALL concealed carry free zones: schools, day care centers, bars, stadiums, entertainment venues with seating over 2,500, places of worship, hospitals, and dorms and classrooms at universities and community colleges. Law Enforcement officers and security employees should be the ONLY ones with firearms in these venues.

If you believe, like we do, that people should be able to visit public places like our K-12 schools, colleges, houses of worship, sports arenas, day care centers and hospitals without the fear of others carrying weapons, please contact your Senator today and ask them to STOP this dangerous legislation!


Tell your State Senator that you oppose SB442 (guns in public places). Click here: TAKE ACTION >>

Thanks for taking action.