1 in 4 American women experience physical violence from an intimate partner, and every month 46 women are killed by an intimate partner with a gun.

Twenty years ago Congress passed the landmark Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, but this can’t wait. We need Congress to step up and plug the loopholes to protect women now.



Tell your Senators: Plug the legislative loopholes and protect all victims of domestic violence NOW by co-sponsoring Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s bill (S. 1290) to prevent stalkers and abusers from buying and possessing guns >>

Congress already expanded VAWA to make it a crime for those convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor to buy or possess a gun. But we need to expand protection to include women in dating relationships, and to prevent stalkers from owning guns.

States United to Prevent Gun Violence and the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus are partnering to deliver the message to Congress: “Step up and protect all women NOW by preventing stalkers and abusers from buying and possessing guns”.