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In honor of lives lost and victories won for campus safety, please consider making your year end donation to The Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus.

The Campaign spent its 15th year of service on the front lines of the fight against the gun lobby’s push to force guns onto college campuses. We fought in Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Idaho, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wyoming, and even in New York State, winning everywhere but West Virginia.

At the Federal level, The Campaign continued to be active in the coalition of gun violence prevention voices calling on Congress to pass the Assault Weapons Ban and Ethan’s Law for Safe Gun Storage. We also applauded the White House’s decision this year to finally open an Office of Gun Violence Prevention to deal with the multitude of gun violence issues head on.

Any amount you give  – $10, $25, $100, $500 or more  – keeps us in the fight to stop guns on campus.

The Campaign traveled widely this year as you can see below.

March – Helped organize a St. Petersburg, FL demonstration with other advocates, fighting permitless carry of concealed handguns.

June – Joined our fellow advocates in Washington, DC across from the US Capitol at a survivor-led sit-in calling on Congress to pass the federal assault weapons ban.

August – Stood together in Sandy Hook, CT with Change the Ref, other advocates and survivors.

October – Gathered for our annual benefit in New York State to mark The Campaign’s 15th year, and to recognize two leading advocates for their leading roles in keeping guns off campus

December – The Campaign returned to Washington DC Dec. 5-6 for a Gun Violence Prevention conference and was present at the Annual National Vigil to honor those lost and the survivors left behind.

In 2023, we saw horrific events at Michigan State University, Nashville’s The Covenant School, Jackson State, Bowie State, Morgan State University, University of Nevada Las Vegas, and the deadly rampage in Lewiston, ME where lives were lost to a lone gunman armed wielding a weapon of war.

In 2024, we anticipate fights in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Wyoming and more. The Campaign will go where we are most needed to keep campuses safe and gun-free.

Of course, we need your support to help us fight on. Dedicated individuals like you keep The Campaign going. Your gifts of support help us keep the gun lobby at bay, keeping college and university campuses safe and gun free.

Please make a year-end, tax-deductible donation to The Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus today

Thanks for all you do,

Dina Siciliano, Board Chair
The Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus




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