For Immediate Release
October 4, 2023

(Croton Falls, NY): According to news accounts, yesterday afternoon four men and one woman, ages 18 to 22 were injured after a shooting during Morgan State University’s Homecoming events. The victims were taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. According to Morgan State University Police Chief Lance Hatcher, four of the victims are students and the shooters are still at large, though the campus is no longer locked down.

Andy Pelosi, Executive Director of The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus issued the following statement in response to yesterday’s mass shooting at Morgan State University:

“Yesterday’s campus shooting at Morgan State University, a historically Black University, no doubt traumatized college students, faculty and alumni on campus who were there for a wonderful and joyous celebration. According to the Gun Violence Archive, yesterday’s gun violence marked one of at least 531 mass shootings so far this year in the US, and one of at least 17 shootings this year at a US college or university, including in North Carolina, Oklahoma and Michigan.

Our nation is awash in firearms, killing over 40,000 people every year.  Our institutions of education, whether they be pre-school, K-12, college or university, must be safe havens for learning. We cannot allow campus firearm incidents to become normalized events and we cannot expect our students to continue to be traumatized by these events.  Black Americans are twice as likely as white Americans to die from gun violence and 14 times more likely than white Americans to be wounded (Giffords Law Center). Nearly 800 Marylanders are killed by guns every year and firearms are the leading cause of death for children and teens across America.”

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