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Hello and welcome to our May Newsletter:

It is hard to ignore the rising levels of gun violence around our country, especially when young people are being killed or injured just for knocking on the wrong door or heading up the wrong driveway or asking a neighbor not to shoot their assault rifle in the yard. Together, we all must push back against the wrongheaded idea that having more guns makes a safer society.

Turning to the states, The Campaign continues ask our members and others to oppose bills that would force guns on college campuses in these states:

1) Arizona Gov. Hobbs has already vetoed two bills that would have endangered K-12 schools. We believe in the next few days the Senate will pass guns on campus legislation, as a result, we are asking you to contact Governor Hobbs requesting a veto. See action below.

2) New York (Senate bill only) Guns on campus is being considered. See the action center below for details and to voice your opposition.

3) Iowa (Senate bill only). Guns on campus is being considered. See the action center below for details and to voice your opposition.

Meanwhile, the Florida House just passed legislation turning back a key component of the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS Public Safety Act, which raised the age to purchase long guns from 18 to 21. The House continues to carry the water of the gun lobby and believes that 18 year olds (like the MSD shooter) should be able to purchase long guns. The bill is now in the Senate with only days left in the session. The Campaign worked with other colleagues, in the wake of that year’s horrible school shooting in Parkland to help pass the 2018 legislation. Please take action below to stop its reversal.

At the US Capitol, The Campaign and other groups continue to call on Congress to pass the Federal Assault Weapons Ban and our members have heeded the call. If you have not yet done so, please take action below in the Federal section. If you have already taken action, we thank you and ask that you share this link with others.

On May 24th, we will mark the 1-year remembrance for the 21 victims of the Uvalde, TX school shooting at Robb Elementary School. Look for our posts later this month and please take action supporting federal legislation to ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Communications – in addition to participating in our low-volume eblasts, you can also connect with us on social media.  Clicks this links to follow us:  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and please share our content through your own channels.

Finally, a shout out to the Class of 2023 and your families.  Congratulations and best of luck moving forward.

Thanks for all you do,

Andy Pelosi, Executive Director/Co-Founder

Updates From The States


Please contact your State Senator and tell them they you oppose lowering the age to purchase a long gun from 21 – 18 and for gun dealers to sell long guns to those as young as 18.   Click here to send a message to your State Senator.


(SF 543) will change current state law and create greater risk on public K-12 property by allowing people, who have permits, to carry concealed handguns in parking lots and cars. This bill will also force public colleges to allow people to bring loaded handguns onto campus and store them in a locked vehicle.

A similar bill has already passed the IA House.

Click here to send a message to your Iowa State Senator.

New York

(S.1407) will change current state law, which prohibits which currently prohibits guns at New York State’s public colleges and universities.

Your help is needed now to defeat this bill.

Click here to send a message to your New York State Senator. 


(SB 1300 /HB 2667) will change current Arizona law that allows schools to prohibit firearms on campus. Loaded, concealed handguns could be carried in nearly anywhere on campus.

Click here to send a message to Gov. Hobbs to veto this legislation if it reaches her desk.

Federal Action Is Needed 

Pass the Assault Weapons Ban

It is well past time for Congress to pass the Federal Assault Weapons Ban with modernized provisions that include a ban on high capacity magazines.

Tell Congress:
Pass the Assault Weapons Ban Now

Pass Ethan’s Law

Ethan’s Law requires all firearms and ammunition to be safely stored away whenever children are present – in the home or in the workplace.

Keep all children safe. Tell Congress to pass Ethan’s Law now. 

Campaign ED Andy Pelosi Interviewed for Brady Podcast

Virginia Tech – 16 Years

Columbine – 24 Years

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The Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus congratulates everyone who is graduating this year.  Be proud of all you have achieved to get to this moment in your life. We wish everyone well on their journey ahead.

The work we do to help keep campus faculty, staff, and students safe across the US always needs your support. Honor the graduate in your life with a gift to The Campaign today. Together we will can make all campuses safe gun-free spaces for scholarship.

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