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Hello and welcome to our April Newsletter.

This month we are spotlighting what we believe is a threat to public safety that continues to move quickly across our country, and that is permitless concealed carry (carrying a gun in public without first obtaining a permit). In just the last few weeks, these states have changed their laws to allow permitless carry: AL, IN & OH.  GA will most likely be next in the coming days and GA residents can take action below. Please also see our joint op-ed with GVPedia, which lays out the case against discredited gun researcher, John Lott, and permitless carry.

In Georgia, The Campaign is fighting alongside Amnesty International and other groups in opposition to permitless carry. This bill is now headed to the Governor’s desk and we ask your support of our VETO Campaign. Please take action below.

The battle for safe campus communities continues and we are happy to report that the Florida and West Virginia legislatures have adjourned without moving guns on campus bills forward (Thank you for your advocacy)!  We continue to keep a watch on Arizona, Missouri, New Hampshire and Oklahoma.

On the federal side, we are supporting the efforts of the “KeepKidsSafeCoalition, of which we are a partner, to pass Ethan’s Law (H.R. 748/S 190).  Ethan’s Law requires that gun owners lock up their firearms in homes with children. See the action below calling on Speaker Pelosi to bring the bill to the floor for a vote right away.

Please visit the Action Center below and click the link for your respective state.

March is also Women’s History Month and you can view our posts below.

Finally, thank you for taking action when we ask and for supporting The Campaign with your gifts. Your donations make the difference and allow this work to continue, touching even more lives with our successes.

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Thanks for all you do!

Andy Pelosi, Executive Director

The Campaign’s Statement on Permitless Carry In GA

Last week, The Campaign partnered with to rebut misinformation from gun researcher, John Lott, by demonstrating the harmful public safety impacts of eliminating  permits for concealed handguns in Georgia. The article below was written initially as an op-ed, with an edited version appearing as a letter to the editor in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Permitless Concealed Carry Won’t Make Georgians Safer

The Georgia Legislature has eliminated the state’s concealed handgun permitting system and sent the bill to the Governor  In a March 22nd commentary, pro-gun pundit John Lott urged the Georgia Legislature to pass this legislation, which he calls “Constitutional Carry.” Let’s call it what it is – Permitless Carry – as it will allow gun owners in Georgia to conceal-carry a handgun without training, a background check, or a permit. As he has done elsewhere, Lott argues that “predictions of doom and bloodshed” are overblown, refusing to acknowledge the bloodshed and violence that guns have already brought to Georgia.

Just last year, a gunman shot and killed eight people in Atlanta, six of whom were women of Asian descent. And in 2020, Ahmaud Arbery was brutally chased down and executed by racist vigilantes while jogging. The Arbery murder reinforces what will happen if dangerous individuals are allowed to carry loaded, concealed guns in public without a permitting system.

Georgians have already suffered the fatal consequences of weakening firearm laws. In 2014, Georgia passed the infamous “Guns Everywhere” bill (championed by John Lott, who appeared on Fox News in 2014 touting its alleged benefits) that allowed people to carry firearms into bars, schools, churches, and other sensitive places. At the time, proponents argued that the bill would not cause any additional bloodshed. Yet, after the law’s passage, gun violence surged.. Click here to read the complete statement on our website

Devin Hughes is the founder of, a non-profit providing access to data and research about gun violence.

Andy Pelosi is the executive director of The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus


Office of U.S. House Speaker, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Federal Action – Safe Gun Storage

Write to Speaker Nancy Pelosi today to urge her to move HR 748 – “Ethan’s Law” for a floor vote.

HR 748, Ethan’s Law is a lifesaving policy in honor of Ethan Song, a 15-year-old who died after unintentionally shooting himself with a gun that had been left in a cardboard box at his friend’s home. Tell Speaker Pelosi to schedule this bill for a floor vote right away.

Click here to Take Action on H.R. 748

Gun Safe by unmatchedv is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Updates From Our State Level Actions

Arizona Residents:
Tell Your State Legislators:
“Keep Guns Off Campus”

Here’s the latest – SB 1123 & HB 2447 would change current policies by forcing colleges & universities to allow the carrying of loaded, concealed handguns on campus.

Right now, both bills are on their respective House floors where they could sit or be voted on at any moment. We need Arizonans to continue to message their legislators in opposition to these bills.

Please Take Action Today: Say No To SB 1123 / HB 2447

Stay tuned for updates on these bills.

Georgia VETO Campaign:
Stop Permitless Carry

The Georgia Legislature just voted to eliminate the state’s concealed carry handgun permitting system and sent the bill (SB 319) to Governor Kemp for his signature.

Please take action today by contacting Governor Kemp.

CLICK HERE to Send a Message to Governor Kemp


Guns on Campus Legislation is in the State Senate.

Please Take Action Against both bills:
SB 733 & SB 1331

Click to Take Action on both of these bills.

West Virgina


The State Legislature has adjourned.

Guns on Campus Legislation does not pass.


Guns on Campus Legislation is in the State House.

Please Take Action Now To Oppose

HB 1751.  

Click to Take Action now on HB 1751

Florida – Adjourned but Stay Tuned for a Special Session

We are hearing that permitless concealed carry might be on the agenda when the legislature returns in mid-April. We are ready to oppose this legislation if it moves forward.

Thank you to all who responded to these actions, contacted representatives,

and made your opposition to guns on campus LOUD AND CLEAR.

In March We Celebrated Women’s History Month

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We are especially seeking to add board members with special skills in :

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If you feel you have the talents and the time, contact Executive Director Andy Pelosi for more details about board service at The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus.




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