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Hello and welcome to our March Newsletter.

The Campaign wishes to first acknowledge the brave people of Ukraine in their courageous fight against the ruthless Russian dictator. Please consider donating funds and/or goods for Ukrainians in need (suggestions below).

Here in the US, gun violence continues to mount a deadly toll with little support coming from Washington, DC. One way you can counter that apathy is by urging your members of Congress to support Ethan’s Law – legislation requiring safe gun storage in homes where children are present (see action section below).

Our fights in the states opposing guns on campus are proceeding fairly well thanks to the support from people like you and other stakeholders on the ground. Over the last few months, The Campaign has been most active in Arizona urging community members and education stakeholders to contact their legislators, while also providing fact sheets and other important materials to legislators, educators & lobbyists. Bills involving guns on campus are still pending in these other states: Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma and West Virginia. While prospects appear good that we will defeat bills in all of these states in 2022, nothing is over until legislatures adjourn.

Please visit the Action Center below and click the link for your respective state.

In Georgia, The Campaign is fighting alongside other groups in opposition to legislation allowing almost anyone to carry a concealed handgun – WITHOUT A PERMIT. The bill has passed the Georgia State Senate and is on the floor in the State House. Please take action below.

March is also Women’s History Month and presents an opportunity to talk about some of important people and their contributions to our society. Look for our social media posts coming soon.

Finally, thank you for taking action when we ask and for supporting The Campaign with your gifts. Your donations make the difference and allow this work to continue, touching even more lives with our successes.

Please also consider going the next mile with us by making a sustaining gift of support today as a Campaigner.

Thanks for all you do!

Andy Pelosi, Executive Director

Ukrainian Relief Efforts:


Global Response Management

National Bank of Ukraine

Ukrainian ArchEparchy of Philadelphia

Catholic Relief Services

Equipment for Ukrainian EMS & Hospitals

International Rescue Committee

Take Action In These States

Arizona Residents:

Tell Your State Legislators:

“No Guns On Campus”

Here’s the latest – SB 1123 & HB 2447 would change current policies by forcing colleges & universities to allow the carrying of loaded, concealed handguns on campus.

Right now, both bills are on their respective House floors where they could sit or be voted on at any moment. We need Arizonans to continue to message their legislators in opposition to these bills.

Please Take Action Today: Say No To SB 1123 / HB 2447

Keep guns off AZ campuses by contacting your Arizona State Legislators today.

Stay tuned for updates on these bills.

Georgia – Stop Permitless Carry

Legislation to remove the permit requirement for concealed handguns has passed in the State Senate and is on the verge of passing in the House.

Georgia already allows guns on campus, so removing the permitting requirement will further endanger public safety – especially at colleges & universities.

Please take action today by contacting your House member and be at the ready for our veto campaign to come. 

CLICK HERE to take action on: HB 2

Photo: Kilgore Student Center, Morehouse College, by Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons


Guns on Campus Legislation is in the State Senate. 

Please Take Action Against both bills:
SB 733 & SB 1331

Click to Take Action on both of these bills.


Guns on Campus Legislation is in the State House.

Please Take Action Now To Oppose
HB 1751.  

Click to Take Action now on
HB 1751

West Virginia

Two Guns on Campus bills are active in the State Legislature. 

Please Take Action Opposing both bills: SB 87 & HB 2978.

Click to Take Action on both of these bills.


Guns on Campus Legislation is in the State House. 

Please Take Action Now To Oppose
HB 6007.

Click to Take Action Now on
HB 6007

In February, The Campaign Honored Black History Month




HR 748, Ethan’s Law is a lifesaving policy in honor of Ethan Song, a 15-year-old who died after unintentionally shooting himself with a gun that had been left in a cardboard box at his friend’s home. Your help is needed to garner more co-sponsors for this vital legislation.

Click here to Take Action on H.R. 748

Photo: US Capitol West Side – Martin Falbisoner, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Hold The Date – Friday, October 21, 2022

The Campaign’s Annual Benefit at Manhattanville College

The Campaign will again go back to campus this fall, returning to Manhattanville College‘s Reid Castle for another celebration of the work we do to keep students and teachers safe from firearms. Watch our newsletter for updates and ways to sponsor this terrific event.


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