There is encouraging news that Judge Michael McMahon from the Lewis and Clark District Court issued a permanent injunction on portions of the HB 102 (new law that would allow guns on campus). The Nov. 30th decision comes in the case of the Montana Board of Regents vs. The State of MontanaThe decision upholds The Board of Regents’ constitutionally protected authority over the Montana University System, and its power to decide how firearms are regulated on campuses. (Read the story here)

In our view, this important decision would not have been possible without the advocacy of many groups in Montana, as well as students, faculty and other Montanans who didn’t give up the fight once guns on campus legislation was signed by Gov. Gianforte. The combined efforts in the face of daunting odds to encourage the Board of Regents to sue the state demonstrates your power to make change.

The Attorney General’s office as already indicated that it will appeal the District Court’s decision to the Montana State Supreme Court. The state Supreme Court will settle the issue as to what constitutionally protected power is possessed by the Board of Regents and does that include prohibiting firearms on campus.

The Campaign will keep you apprised of future developments in this case.  Again, we thank you for your advocacy on this important on campus safety issue.

Photo: Montana by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Pix4free