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Before we preview our April Newsletter, I wanted to share the above graphic from, displaying control of state governments by party. The term, “trifecta,” in this instance, is used to signify when one political party holds the governorship, a majority in the state senate, and a majority in the state house in a state’s government. As you can see, 23 states are Republican trifectas, while 15 are Democratic trifectas, with the remaining 12 as divided government.

As a non-partisan organization, The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus does not engage in electoral politics. However, why do we care about trifectas and what does the current map demonstrate? For the most part, in the states with RED trifectas in 2021, we have seen (and in many cases, fought) permissive gun legislation that includes: guns on campus, guns in K-12 schools, and permit-less concealed carry.  In addition, bills to suppress voting, limit peaceable assembly and remove rights from transgender kids, have made or are still making the rounds in these states – with some becoming law.

While we acknowledge that Washington, DC needs to act on federal gun policy – something that has not happened in any true manner since the first Clinton Administration, we cannot stress enough that public safety is being eroded in many states across the country. State gun laws are being relaxed or repealed, people are being allowed to carry more guns in public places and the number of gun deaths & injuries have returned to mid-1990 levels. We cannot afford to focus solely on federal gun policy changes while continuing to lose ground across the US. Look at the map, then think about state gun policy, as well as the next election.

Now, onto our current work: this month we are talking about guns in houses of worship in Florida, guns on campus in Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma & West Virginia and voter education/ registration work in Georgia. We also took time to honor those lives lost and those changed forever as a result of the shootings at Columbine High School in 1999 and Virginia Tech in 2007.

Finally, as you should know, The Campaign does not exist without your continued support. We cannot thank you enough for your past generosity.  2021 continues to be a very busy year, so we are grateful for anything you can do. Continue to follow and share our actions, and please consider going the next mile with us by making a sustaining gift of support.

Andy Pelosi, Executive Director

Updates From The States:



Over the last few months we have reported to you on HB 102, legislation to strip the Montana University System of its Constitutional authority and force guns on campus. The bill was signed by the Governor, and unless something extraordinary occurs, will take effect on June 1st. The Campaign is working with a coalition of groups in Montana to urge the Board of Regents to take steps to litigate and defend the Regent’s authority to oversee safety and other issues under the state’s constitution. Montana residents can send messages to the Board of Regents with one click here:

TAKE ACTION HERE– Contact the MT Board Of Regents!


HB 259 – This legislation would allow people with concealed-weapons licenses to bring guns to religious institutions that share property with schools. The Campaign co-chairs The Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, which is leading the fight against this legislation. Currently, a concealed weapons permittee can carry in a house of worship if permission is granted, but only in cases where no school is co-located. The bill has passed both Houses and is now on the Governor’s desk.

TAKE ACTION HERE: Contact Gov. DeSantis to urge his VETO.

New Hampshire

HB 307 – The Campaign is part of a broad coalition headed by GunSenseNH, that is fighting legislation, which would pre-empt schools, colleges/universities and all municipalities from enacting laws to either ban or restrict where guns can be carried. HB 307 has passed the House and we expect the bill to be heard in Senate Judiciary any day now. Our main concern is if this bill is signed it would prevent NH’s colleges & universities, along with the K-12 public schools, from regulating their own safety as well as forcing these educational institutions to allow loaded, concealed handguns in their buildings and on their grounds.

TAKE ACTION HERE – Contact Your NH State Senator Today!



West Virginia

On two occasions in April, The Campaign had the opportunity to present the guns on campus issue to then Oklahoma State Regents on Higher Education’s Council on Student Affairs and Faculty Advisory Council.  We also continue to track SB 733, which would change current law and force colleges, universities, technical career centers to allow loaded, concealed firearms on campus. We believe that the bill will not move out of committee this year, but remain vigilant and ask folks to reach out to their respective State Senator.
TAKE ACTION HERE-Contact your OK State Senator!

On May 3rd, The Kansas Legislature voted to override Governor Laura Kelly’s veto of HB 2058. The bill will allow 18 to 20-year-olds to carry concealed firearms, which isn’t currently allowed and also means that these individuals can carry a concealed firearm on Kansas’ public colleges and universities

The West Virginia Legislature adjourned for the year in mid-April. We are happy to report that the three bills we actively opposed did not pass in either house. Two of the bills would have forced public colleges and universities to allow students (18+), faculty and visitors to carry loaded, concealed handguns on many parts of campus (with exceptions). Thank you to our West Virginia members who made over 150 phone calls and sent over 350 email messages in opposition. As always, we expect to see guns on campus legislation next year and will keep you all informed.

Georgia Update

In April, The Campaign, along with our partner Black Voters Matter, hosted a community gathering in Valdosta, GA with high school & college students, K-12 & college faculty, along with community leaders for real conversations about deeply rooted barriers to a more thriving and peaceful community. The morning session was end capped with an outdoor BBQ – attended by over 100 participants. We believe the communities we serve are the experts and best inform our work. They deserve to, and need to be, at the table in all decision-making processes, from how we shape our Safe Gun Storage program work to civic engagement initiatives that encourage participation.

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