(Croton Falls, NY) – On this day, 20 years ago at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO., two students armed with semiautomatic weapons, shotguns, and explosives killed 12 fellow students and a teacher, while wounding 24 others.

The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus issued the following statement in remembrance of the lives lost and those injured twenty years ago today:

“We believe that in order to properly honor these individuals, we must aggressively work to find ways to reduce gun violence in our homes and communities.

“The Campaign would like to first honor the 13 people killed on that day 20 years ago:

Cassie Bernall, 17
Steven Curnow, 14
Corey DePooter, 17
Kelly Fleming, 16
Matthew Kechter, 16
Daniel Mauser, 15
Daniel Rohrbough, 15
William “Dave” Sanders, 47
Rachel Scott, 17
Isaiah Shoels, 18
John Tomlin, 16
Lauren Townsend, 18
Kyle Velasquez, 16

And, the 24 people who were injured and whose lives were forever changed:

Lance Kirklin
Jennifer Doyle
Valeen Schnurr
Stephen Austin Eubanks
Anne Marie Hochhalter
Nick Foss
Sean Graves
Dan Steepleton
Mark Kintgen
Joyce Jankowski
Richard Castaldo
Michael Johnson
Brian Anderson
Patricia Nielson
Nicole Nowlen
Jeanna Park
Mark Taylor
Kasey Ruegsegger
Stephanie Munson
Makai Hall
Adam Kyler
Patrick Ireland
Lisa Kreutz
Evan Todd

“We all can agree that the safety of our students, faculty, and staff are paramount. Strategies that are preventative and focus on the mental well-being of young people are to be applauded and funded, but these strategies should not include arming teachers and school personnel.

“Today, we honor the victims and survivors of the Columbine shooting and pledge that the answer to our nation’s gun epidemic cannot be to add more guns to our educational institutions, but to ensure that local, state, and federal governments provide the necessary funding for intervention, counseling, and mental health services.”

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The Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus was founded in 2008 to urge colleges and universities to band together to oppose the gun lobby’s agenda to push loaded, concealed guns on college campuses. To date, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and more than 420 colleges and universities in 42 states have joined the Campaign. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


Andy Pelosi, Executive Director, [email protected] (914-629-6726)