(CROTON FALLS, NY):  In response to published reports late last night that U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is considering allowing federal funding to be used to purchase guns for teachers, The Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus strongly opposes this dangerous and misguided proposal.

Andy Pelosi, Executive Director of The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus issued the following statement:

“The solution to our nation’s gun violence problem does not and should not include adding more guns, especially in educational settings, whether they be on the K-12 or higher education levels.  At a time when public schools across the country, most notably in rural areas, are suffering from budget cuts, federal funds should be deployed to provide the best possible education for all students and not for purchasing firearms.  

Instead, K-12 schools should have the opportunity to choose from a selection of a appropriate safety/security countermeasures that can effectively reduce risk. A planned approach without firearms can prevent and mitigate violence while making the campus safer. Allowing faculty and staff to carry firearms can create a negative and disastrous environment for our children and staff. Unfortunately, the President and Congress continue to do the bidding of the gun lobby by focusing on ways to arm more people as a solution to our gun violence epidemic.”

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The Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus was founded in 2008 to urge colleges and universities to band together to oppose the gun lobby’s agenda to push loaded, concealed handguns on college campuses. To date, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and more than 420 colleges and universities in 42 states have joined The Campaign.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Andy Pelosi, Executive Director, [email protected]  (914-629-6726)