Since 49 innocent people were gunned down at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, millions of people across the country (including Florida) have spoken out against this hate crime and called on our lawmakers to address our nation’s porous gun laws that enable easy access to firearms.

Florida state lawmakers must make public safety a top priority for all of our communities.  They need to demonstrate their concern for all Floridians by taking action and holding a Special Session of the Florida Legislature immediately. As constituents, we deserve common sense gun laws, which will save lives, be passed now.   We will not wait until next March for the start of the 2017 Legislative Session for a discussion about what can be done to reduce gun violence.

The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus is now part of a broad coalition effort comprised of over 80 different organizations around the state, led by the League of Women Voters of Florida.  Together, we are calling for a Special Session to address gun violence in the state.

We encourage you to join us by turning the outrage we all feel into action. We need your help because it is going to take all of us demanding the rightful attention we deserve.  Our lawmakers are tasked with the responsibility to keep us safe and they need to do that now.


Please help us “Turn Your Outrage Into Action” by demanding that Florida’s State leaders hold a Special Session to address gun violence.

With one click you can send a message to your own State Senator, House member, along with Gov. Scott, Senate President Gardiner and House Speaker Crisafulli.

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We will not wait anymore. It is incumbent on our state leaders to follow the lead of other states by enacting meaningful policy changes that include banning weapons of war and ensuring that all prospective firearms purchasers are subject to a comprehensive background check.

Thanks for all you do,