On Tuesday, February 16th, the House Public Safety Committee abruptly brought up HB 859 (guns on campus) for a successful vote, and the bill now moves to the House Rules Committee where it will likely go to the full House for a vote.

Despite yesterday’s disappointing movement of HB 859, we remain committed to stopping this legislation, if not in the House, then in the Senate.

In the meantime, we still need people like you to demonstrate to your House members that you believe that HB 859 (and similar bills) that force colleges and universities to allow guns on campus will only increase risk for students, faculty, staff and visitors.


>>> Click here to email your State House member telling them you oppose allowing the carrying of guns on campus (open and concealed).

Although there is overwhelming opposition by students, campus administrators, faculty and campus law enforcement, gun lobby-backed legislators are determined to push through bills like HB 859 without considering the variety of unintended consequences, risk to public safety and increased costs that will be passed on in the form of tuition hikes.

>>> Please take action today and email your House member.

Thank you.