We are down to wire, literally, with less than 48 hours to stop guns on campus from hitting the House floor (SB 11 has already passed the Senate). House Speaker Straus controls the fate of guns on campus, (currently in Calendars Committee) and can stop the bill in its tracks.

Can you place a phone call to Speaker Straus today asking him to stop guns on campus? Legislative offices are open this weekend and we need your calls to be placed.

ACTION STEP>> Please call House Speaker Joe Straus (512) 463-3000

Tell the staff person that you want the Speaker to oppose any attempts to pass legislation that would permit guns on campus in Texas.

Suggested talking points for your call:

1) The University of Texas System has estimated increased costs of at least $47 million, if guns on campus becomes law
2) UT Chancellor McRaven adamantly opposes guns on campus
3) Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for college students – adding guns to the mix will only increase risk to students, faculty and staff

If you believe, as we do, that our colleges should be places of learning, not for carrying weapons, Please call Speaker Straus today.  Thank you.