Legislation to allow guns on campus (SB 11) has already passed the State Senate.  The matching bill (HB 937) passed Homeland Security and is now in the Calendars’ Committee.  We need your help to tell your Housemember to keep our colleges safe and vote no on HB 937.

This legislation would expand the carrying of loaded, concealed handguns on campus to buildings, libraries, and other places once restricted.

HB 937 would also force state colleges and universities to allow loaded, concealed weapons on campus, while providing private colleges with the ability to opt out.  We firmly believe that all Texas’ higher education officials and campus police are most qualified to determine the safety requirements for their campuses.

If you believe, like we do, that our colleges should be places of learning, not for carrying weapons, please contact the your Housemember TODAY. Use this page to tell them that you don’t want guns on campus. Take Action Here>>