petition-Facebook-florida-thumbnailSB 176 and HB 4005 continue to move forward in the Senate and House, despite unanimous opposition from Florida’s higher education leaders, as well as campus law enforcement, faculty and students. HB 4005 has now made it through all three committees and is poised for a potential floor vote, while SB 176 is still waiting to be heard by the Judiciary Committee.

Late last week, the Association of Florida Colleges via the FCS Council of Business Affairs released a document pinning the potential cost to Florida Colleges (FCS Institutions) at $45 million if guns on campus passes. This figure doesn’t include costs to be incurred by 4 year schools.

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The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus will deliver a petition to Gov. Scott and our state legislators with this message: “Say no to guns on Florida’s college campuses”.

Currently, concealed carry permit holders are able to store their handguns in locked cars on campus parking lots. However, Florida law gives the Board of Trustees at public university and community colleges the authority to place reasonable restrictions on access to firearms on college-owned or controlled buildings and grounds (excluding parking lots).

(HB4005)/(SB176), sponsored by Rep. Steube, (R) Sarasota and Rep. Evers, (R) Pensacola, respectively, will force Florida’s public universities and community colleges to allow the carrying of loaded, concealed handguns anywhere on campus.

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