This past Tuesday in Tallahassee, the Criminal Justice Subcommittee heard testimony on HB 4005 and voted 8-4 to move the guns on campus bill forward despite strong opposition from student leaders, faculty, administrators, professional associations, parents and concerned citizens.   The bill is now before the Higher Education & Workforce Subcommittee and could be heard as early as the week of February 2nd.

During the hearing one member of the subcommittee in favor of forcing loaded, concealed handguns on campus made this outrageous comment:

“I heard about expanded drug and alcohol abuse on campuses and out-of-control parties. Folks, if you’re living in that kind of environment, you better carry a firearm because you could get raped, beaten or worse.” Rep. Dennis Baxley

This is the type of thinking that we are up against!  Click here to send a message to your legislators.

The vast majority of Florida’s students and faculty don’t want guns in their classrooms or other buildings on campus.  We can defeat H.B. 4005 / S.B. 176, but will need your help to fight the powerful and well-resourced Florida gun lobby.

Please take action today.  Thank you.