The University of Alaska regulates the presence of firearms on its property, and with certain exceptions — all guns are prohibited from developed land, dormitories, offices, classrooms, and meeting places controlled and posted by the University.

Senate Bill 176, sponsored by North Pole Republican Sen. John Coghill and its House counterpart (HB 335), would usurp the power of the Board of Regents to regulate safety on campus by forcing them to allow students, faculty, staff and visitors to carry loaded, concealed guns on University of Alaska campuses. The bill would also allow firearms in dorms.

Senate Bill 176 has moved from the Judiciary Committee and now awaits action by Senate Finance. It’s vital that Senate Finance hear from you TODAY. In addition, the House Judiciary Committee needs to hear from you as well¹.

Contact BOTH committees now to tell them that loaded, concealed handguns don’t belong on our college campuses >>

The University of Alaska system, including President Gamble, school chancellors, as well as faculty, have already voiced their opposition to Senate Bill 176. We need you to amplify their voices with the Senate Finance and House Judiciary Committees right away.

Tell the members of the Alaska Senate and House Committees to maintain safety on Alaska’s campuses by keeping loaded, concealed handguns OFF campus grounds >>

Please take action today and share. Thanks.

¹ No date is yet set for the House Judiciary to hear HB 335.