We have a rare opportunity to be pro-active when it comes to campus safety by limiting who can carry loaded, concealed handguns on campus. The California Legislature has passed SB 707, and it is now on the Governor’s desk.

Currently, through a legal exemption, people with concealed weapons permits in California have been allowed to carry a weapon within 1,000 feet of K-12 schools and on the grounds of public and private colleges. SB 707 ends the exemption for carrying on campus (in most cases), and also makes it clear that school administrators can restrict who can carry a concealed weapon.


Contact Governor Brown today and urge him to sign the bill to keep guns off campus.

Since the gun lobby continues to push for concealed weapons on campus in many other states around the country, we need Gov. Brown to stand up for safe campuses and sign this bill.

Please email Gov. Brown today.