June 2, 2009

Campaign To Keep Guns Off Campus Shows Strong Momentum As Over 90 Universities Oppose Gun Lobby’s Radical Agenda

AUSTIN, TX – The legislative session in Texas ended without enacting a dangerous bill that would have forced the carrying of hidden and loaded guns at universities and colleges. Students and gun violence prevention advocates were ecstatic for the initial victory and that college campuses would remain safe from the gun lobby’s threats. But advocates cautioned that the gun lobby would not stop pushing its deadly legislation and called on lawmakers to protect universities from being run over by the NRA’s radical agenda.

“Although the gun lobby claims it has a monopoly over states like Texas when it comes to guns, clearly House Representatives did not think that arming college students and professors was a priority. Thankfully this bill did not pass, which would have put students’ lives at greater risk,” said Andy Pelosi, Director of the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus.

Five Texas universities joined the Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus including Texas University of the Incarnate Word, LeTourneau University, Quinn College, Southwestern University and Texas College.
The Campaign is organizing universities to sign resolutions opposing hidden and loaded guns on college campuses. As of June 2nd, 92 colleges in 23 states have joined the Campaign .

View current list at www.keepgunsoffcampus.org .

John Woods, a student at Virginia Tech whose girlfriend was killed during the shooting tragedy and now a graduate student at the University of Texas, said, “By pushing this dangerous legislation, the gun lobby effectively created a backlash from college students as well as from thoughtful conservatives and moderates. Texas had a handful of gun violence prevention advocates; now it has a lot more who are willing to fight to keep guns off of college campuses.”

“In just this year alone, Texas is the 10th state to say no to the gun lobby on this dangerous legislation. Our elected officials heard a tremendous outcry against the legislation from school administrators, students, advocates, parents as well as campus law enforcement officials. Lawmakers listened and did the right thing by not enacting this dangerous bill,” said Marsha McCartney, President of the North Texas Brady Campaign.